Below are a list of medications that are normally very costly but have some sort of special assistance or “manufacturer” coupons that qualify patients for more help with these expenses.

Some will cover the mediations for a trial period, some will bring it down to a set price per month for a specific time period. BUT all have qualifications and details on their website or cards given at the doctors office. Make sure to check them and keep with you while taking these medications.

They can be used along with insurances but very few help patients already under Medicare, Medicaid, or some form of federal coverage. Certain assistance programs have to be activated before use and it’s best to check with your local pharmacy to receive the correct copay

Here is a list of some medications:

Lo LoestrinLevemirPristiqVvanseVascepa
One touch MeterTrue Metrix MeterHumalogYazIncruse

Any more coupons can be found here

There’s two ways to obtain these coupons:

  1. Go to your doctor and get it from them
  2. Go to the medication’s main website
    1. Plug in your information
    2. Print out or screenshot a copy to show the pharmacy
    3. Save money

Good luck!

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