Hey there !

I created this page to help capture all of my journey within healthcare and then some. The good, the bad and the weirdly interesting.

A page to dig a bit deeper into my struggles, achievements, and joys as I find balance among them. A place to have real difficult conversations while also creating a safe space for empowerment. I am who I am solely due to the strength of my mother. I hope my voice helps shine a light on that strength and inspires you to find your own.

A little bit about moi:

My name is Alex, not alexis, not allie, just Alex 🙂 I am very honest. Probably because I can’t lie to save my life. I am a planner. I like to plan all my trips and schedule as early as possible so that my chronic Hispanic timing doesn’t get in the way as usual. I am a premed non-traditional student making her way towards DO school. I’m a Lead Pharmacy Technician and I’ve been in the pharmacy field for half a decade.

Along with that I am also a clinical assistant for an incredible osteopathic physician as well as a booty busting accountability coach. When I’m not working or studying, I spend the rest of my time shooting photographs throughout orlando, writing, and volunteering as key food taster for all of my boyfriends meals. My favorite first date meal is a rack of ribs and I’ve probably been to Disney more times in the first 8 years of my life than most people have their entire lives. I am Peruvian and love potatoes more than life itself.

All in all, I hope this platform is used as a means for intention and knowledge to empower as many people as I can.

I am not a doctor yet nor am I pharmacist. ALL this information can be found online or confirmed by a healthcare provider. These views are a reflection of my opinion and the knowledge I have gained over the years through various positions.