In the beginning

I was so nervous and scared and terrified and all the things to speak my mind and provide my own insight because who the hell am I anyway? Then 2019 hit. Nonstop chaos at the pharmacy trying to assist patients with insurance, co-pays, recommendations, discounts, resources, and even a kind ear. Then after it all, day 8 of a relentless tornado hit and I was exhausted beyond belief, drained beyond words and it hit me. Eight hours a day, I assist, I discuss, I obtain information, resources, and resolve situations. Eight hours a day I invest my time, effort, and knowledge towards creating options for patients, delivering insight, and ultimately being there for them while they go through the new healthcare year. In eight hours I do this, why does it need to be limited to eight? Well my company looks down on overtime (that may have something to do with it). Regardless, there’s so much information out there on the back-end of pharmaceuticals and I constantly reinforcing my knowledge and expanding it so that I can be the best source for you, my patients.

That’s why I’m here.

Because I believe knowledge is so absolutely powerful and no one can do it on their own. Everyone needs a rock, a shoulder, even a bottle of wine-  to lean on once in awhile. For example, I don’t pretend I know anything more than how to change my tires when it comes to Sheila, my majestic white Jeep Patriot –for anyone with a yearning desire to know; so I take my happy butt over to the mechanics for pretty much anything past a flat tire.

So until I can give more substantial advice on the body and mind as a physician, I can offer what I know best, what I’ve spent the last 3/4 of a decade incorporating into my life, drugs.

Until next time ***


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Post-grad master's student navigating through the ugly, stressful, and worthwhile moments of being a nontraditional pre-med. Living off good energy, over-priced coffee, and reminding myself why I choose this life everyday.

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