New chapter and things

Yesterday was my last day here. A job that has become a part of me for the past 8 years. One in which I was challenged again and again, through and through. In every aspect of my role, I was met with discomfort, but growth awaited me on the other side. For the first yearContinue reading “New chapter and things”

Underlying skin

These past few weeks have been hard for me. Not so much so for the stress that comes from working with sick people.Staying on top of the health of others comes natural to me. A fast dynamic is what I thrive in. Always have. It comes from something deeper. A sorta of confidence I’ve alwaysContinue reading “Underlying skin”

The broken bits

This past week, I went back to work at my pharmacy for the weekend. It’s something that felt so familiar, like muscle memory, riding a bike, nothing had changed. I clocked in, put my coffee on the counter and went to print my credentials. The day started like always, chaotic at best. From the momentContinue reading “The broken bits”

But why a Pharmacy tech?

It´s weird thinking that six years ago, I´d been in your same shoes. Not assuming you want to work in pharmacy or anything, I mean c´mon I dont even know you. What I mean is that I didn´t know anything from anything dealing with medications. I also had a far off idea of how pharmacyContinue reading “But why a Pharmacy tech?”