Read between the lines

We’ve all been there, at one point another. You’ve been sick for what feels like a lifetime, you got snot coming out of the wazoo, your head feels like it’s been stuck in a blender for the past week, you can’t seem to breathe like a normal person and everything and everyone sucks. Then to make matters worse, your alone in the most confusing place in the world.. the cold/flu aisle.

Well let me let you in a little secret, I’ve been there too. A long time ago..

Back when I knew nothing about the pharmacy world.

I can’t tell you how many people get swept away in what they think is right in front of them just to find out, you probably have everything you just bought already at home, with a different name, a different costume, a different label.

Below I go over some examples of different “products” and different manufacturers to show you what I mean. This by no means buy these products or don’t buy them, this is just to show you how powerful marketing is and to help you waste time and money on things you may already have.

Above: Theraflu (cvs verison)

I actually prefer Theraflu over other products such as DayQuil, but that’s just my personal opinion on how it helps me and my body. You may respond differently and prefer something else depending on your symptoms.

But pay attention to the red

Now here’s

Above: Robitussin Multi symptom.

Now here pay attention to the small print in black. Look familiar?

Let’s go a little further,

Above: DayQuil (cvs version)

Anything look familiar?? If you didn’t already see it, all these products have similar main ingredients in them. Now are their combinations, font, letter sizes different? Yeah. But ultimately they are providing you with the same ingredients.

So next time your shopping through the pharmacy aisle or at your local grocery store, open your eyes a bit. Take another minute to ask a question. Read the fine print. It might surprise you to take another look.

-Hope that helps!


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