Warmth in tomorrow

What a lighter day it feels this morning.

Even as I write this,
I still haven’t taken it all in.

The moments of history being captured before me yesterday morning, still haven’t made their full impact.

And then I saw them being sworn in.
President Joe Biden & Madam VP Kamala Harris. And it was as if every cell in my body felt it. Every tissue softened, every muscle relaxed for a moment.

It was as if every ounce of my being was coming up for air.

2020 had been a nightmare on ice. It was as though all of the beauty within this world, knowledge, respect, class, and love were trapped underneath the surface. Our joys trapped along with it.

And all together we watched the world crumble above it.

Heart-wrenching didn’t even scratch the surface.

But witnessing the events of yesterday unfold.

In a way that celebrated all people, all shades, and all contrasts of our society,

was truly powerful. Magical. Necessary.

Because regardless of matching up ideals and beliefs, they’re presence as leaders of our nation represent a sense of inertia for true change, a sense of strength to see through the pain we’ve lived in the “decade” that was 2016-2020, and above all,

A sense of hope.

A feeling so many of us had lost touch with.

And while there is immense work ahead,
Today and every step into our future,

It feels as though our backpedaling has ceased,

we’ve switched gears,

And finally, the warmth of tomorrow is within reach, once more.


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Post-grad master's student navigating through the ugly, stressful, and worthwhile moments of being a nontraditional pre-med. Living off good energy, over-priced coffee, and reminding myself why I choose this life everyday.

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